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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Virginia, United States of America
New Look, Same Crappy Content!

Friends help you move. Gnomies help you move bodies.

Hey, look. I have 101 interests. Let's make a coat out of them.

I am 154.94 centimeters tall.

My life revolves around my cat, sometimes school, always my partner, Legosteine, and often our deep and intense love of food.

Cat: Der schadenfrohe Joe.
Career: I have a PhD in German literature and am currently a long-term visiting assistant professor at a pretty groovy school. Thumbs pressed it becomes my forever home.
Partner: The world's most wonderful.
Legosteine: All the damned time.
Food: Yes, please. I love to cook, eat, experiment with new flavors, and try out new restaurants. I'm lucky enough to have a partner who loves it even more than I do and whose cooking is out of this world.

I spend my spare time wishing I had more spare time. I say things like wicked good. I like board games, ugly and/or stupid hats, and bad television. I'm a desert rat and a mogul mouse, love the Mojave, the Sierras, and the desert in between, and the whole of Germany, but I've learned I can make a place for myself anywhere.

This journal is friends-only. It's to protect you from the crazy.

Interests (101):

bad puns, basset hounds, beagles, beards in general, beer, bicycling, birds, board games, bob barker, bob dobbs, bob dylan, bob marley, bob roberts, bob ross, bob saget, brontosauri, california guitar trio, camping, cat behavior, cats with broken tails, cereal, cheese that crumbles, chickpeas and their uses, childfreedom, chocolate snobbery, coast to coast a.m., cooking, david bowie, dinosaurs, eggs, elephants, eric clapton, fidel castro's beard, folk music, food, foreign travel, frank zappa, fruit, futurama, garden gnomes, german, germany, grammar, grocery shopping, johnny cash, joshua trees, kismet, knick-knacks, led zeppelin, legos, lord of the rings, luggage racks, m*a*s*h, matlock, monty python, mountains, napoleon complex, neopolitan ice cream, nevada, paella, peanut butter, pearl jam, people's court, pink floyd, ps2, queen, rammstein, raw nuts, reno, risk, rolling stones, saarbr├╝cken germany, sarkasmus, scrabble, shoes, skiing, snoopy, spaetzle, spanish food, taxi driver, tenacious d, the desert, the sierras, the simpsons, thrift stores, tool, trivial pursuit, unsolved mysteries, van gogh, vegetarianism, vicariously living spain, wandering slowly through supermarkets, wayne's world, wine, woody allen, woody guthrie, woody harrelson, woody woodpecker, woody woodrow wilson's pecker, yoga, zingerman's

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